EAR Episode 100: “Thank You”

Thank you. Thank you for 100 episodes of Evil Avatar Radio. And a special thanks for the past 30 or so episodes that we, the new crew, have been able to bring to you each Monday night.

This was unlike any show we’ve done before, and any show you guys have given us. The amount of callers we had was staggering. From people in the industry to members of the Evil Avatar community, we’d like to thank Mare Sheppard and Raigan Burns from Metanet, Rogue_hunter, Shodan2020, MrBibbz, Phil “Kefkataran” Koller & his fiancée Amanda, TurboKinny, H2o Ninja, TrackZero, Jazzman, Kristin Lindsay & Robert Khoo from Penny Arcade, Aggort, Shadowstorm, Jonathan Coulton, pseudopseudo, Nick “BAPenguin” Puleo, Larry “Xbox Live’s Major Nelson” Hryb, Deadend, User 11, The RoadHead, and Ghostbear.

There are just way too many moments in this episode to go through all of them here. Really, you’ve just got to hear it to believe it. If anything for the opening montage that was so well put together by our very own Jeremy.

Once we got done with the 100th show, we finally got around to talk about some news concerning the co-op removal from Prototype, more GTA4 talk, and in-game advertising. Plus, we hear again from TrackZero who has a few choice words for Kefkataran (I’ll give you one guess), and Chris Grant from Joystiq calls in as well to wish us a happy 100th.

Again, from all of us, James/fishbang, Jeremy, Kevin/Hawggy, Dennis/Samitchdoo, Dana/ZillaDana/Soulless Toast, the new guy Daniel/danielout, and myself…

Thank You!

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