EAR Episode 104: “Goat Chicks Are Hot”

I’ve been trying to considerably cut back on the amount of coffee I drink, but after last night’s GTA IV gaming session, I had to have some this morning just to wake up a bit more. And you’d think that having a show just a few hours before GTA’s release that we’d talk more about it, but, oddly enough, we don’t. Pretty sure we’re saving that for next week’s episode. What we do discuss in this episode of Evil Avatar Radio is the Metal Gear Online beta that finally got back on track last week. Also on this episode Siraris called in to tell us of his new review site, PlayItReviewIt, as well as bringing up the discussion on “exclusive reviews” and the stench that follows them. Plus we heard from BAPenguin and Mike Ohara.

In the second hour, we talk about Army Of Two – or well, Daniel talks to us about it. In a way, it was a prime example of the way Siraris’ site works. We got to hear, first hand, from someone we trust about the game and he gave his honest opinion of what he played. His account made us want to play the game…maybe not buy it, but at least play it.

Once the ‘real’ show was over, we broke out a bottle of “Military Special” and took to the after-show. As is often the case, it was here that we found our show title, courtesy of the previously mentioned whiskey mixed with the imagination of fishbang. There is talk of booze, City Of Heroes, GTA 4, a Sci-Fi MMO, fish bang’s orange-ness, and the fragtown map packs of Quake 2.

Now that we’re done with that, it’s back to more GTA4.

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