EAR Episode 103: “Run DLC”

We’re a week away from the release of GTA4, so what the hell do you think we’d be talking about in this episode of Evil Avatar Radio? Exactly. Metal Gear Online and the massive failure of an attempted beta. Now don’t get us wrong, we understand it’s a beta and these things happen, but not with the hoops you had to jump through with all the different ID’s, a patch, and not to mention making sure you had the correct amount of digits just to download the damn thing. We poke fun at it all in the opening and proceed to vent our frustrations immediately afterward.

It was a good show, but then again, any show is good with the inclusion of cake – baked by our very own Soulless Toast/Zillah Dana in honor of fishbang’s birthday. We then cover more of the news of the week including the Iron Man demo, trailers selling games better than demos, the release of the week, Pirates Of The Burning Sea, and the Battlefield: Bad Company weapons tasks.

After the show, we sit down to have even more cake and talk about the GTA4 DLC, MK vs. DC, and more.

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