EAR Episode 107: “Guardedly Optimistic”

It was either that title or “Splendid Jetpack Dreams Of The Apatosaurus Named Brontosaurus” and you can find out why in this episode of Evil Avatar Radio. We again talk about GTA4 and where we sit in the progress of the game. Some of us having finished it and some of us having seemingly only begun. But the GTA talk only last for a bit during the beginning of the show before we’ve moved on to talk about Age Of Conan, Guitar Hero 4 and rhythm games in general, hard drive installs, and this generation of gaming. During all of that we wax nostalgic for a bit on City Of Heroes and our first times playing it so many years ago.

And that nostalgia quickly bleeds over into the after show for a bit, where we carry on the conversation of CoH, but also talk about the upcoming release of both Haze and Penny Arcade Adventures. Plus, we talk about our pending guests and contests for next week’s episode and fishbang & Zillah/Dana (Soulless Toast) look for friends in Portland.

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