EAR Episode 113: “Cow Death Knights With Boobies”

Given the news over the weekend, it should come as no surprise to you what we’d be talking about in this episode of Evil Avatar Radio. Right out of the gate we go into discussion of Diablo 3 and then further into news gathered from the WWI about, well…WoW – hence the title of the show.

We also hear from Daniel & James on their time spent with Battlefield: Bad Company. I was expecting what I heard from Daniel on the topic, but was surprised to hear of James’ experience with the title. In the second hour we talk about Sony’s attempt at Xbox Live-ish functionality with the 2.4 update to the PS3, the possible price cut to the Premium Xbox 360 that somehow leads us into discussion of consoles vs. PC, and Jeremy tells us about his new toy.

I should warn you now…when the show ends proper, we jump quite quickly into talking about GTA4, specifically spoiler territory if you are still avoiding it. We also make mention of Bill’s departure along with XP from store shelves, James’ new build, and his potty mouth (former) workplace.

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