E3 Episodes

EAR Episode 114: “Pre-E3: Bad Company”

So, what did we learn from this episode of Evil Avatar Radio? Well, right out of the gate we learned that watching G4 for E3 coverage is actually a bad idea. Speaking of E3, we talked to Bapenguin & AgtFox about the upcoming event itself and ran down the list of meetings and appointments scheduled for myself and the Bapster (that was fun to say outloud, actually) as he and I head off to LA next week. Also in this episode we hear a lot about Battlefield: Bad Company. In fact, it’s a subject that just can’t seem to stay away during the show. And we learn that it’s not that bad of a game and may well warrant the full price of admission. But I still haven’t played it yet.

After the show it’s all PC talk as we go into the situation James had with his recent build. Actually, he hasn’t even begun to build yet thanks to a problem during shipping.  Jeremy continues playing Diablo 2 (just as he was doing during the show itself) and we’re joined by our producer, Kevin, who brings us good news (he finally played Portal) and bad news (he isn’t making it to PAX).

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