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EAR Episode 119: A Conversation With Jonathan Coulton

We really enjoyed this episode of Evil Avatar Radio and we hope you will too. Although, it’s always fun getting to talk to Jonathan Coulton. Turns out, like me, he’s a fan of pinball. So much so that we’ve actually invited him out to Shorty’s one night during PAX for some pinball & beer. He seems pretty open to the idea. Oh, that and letting me introduce him on stage at PAX as well. Here’s hoping anyway.

Seriously, it’s a fun interview and Jonathan does confirm that he will be the final performance at PAX on Friday night. He also tells us about what he’s currently working on, his involvement with Portal 2, and one of the most amazing things he’s ever eaten.

Also in this episode, we hit a few news notes of the week and talk about game demos (Force Unleashed & FFXIII), Castle Crashers, Everquest, Mega Man, Warhammer, & the issue of DRM.

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