EAR Episode 119: Extra Content

This will start to become the norm for us. Doing an extra show in the week gives us an opportunity to catch up on news we missed during the regular show, talk about newly released games, and hit the bigger stories that may have happened just one day after the main show.

Obviously with having a release like Too Human out there right after the main show, we had to use this time to talk about our time with the game. Plus, you know, we’ve got Denis Dyack on the show Monday along with Robert Khoo – we aren’t going to have much time for anything else.  We also talk about WAR & WoW, and the battle of the opening cinematics between the two, plus we go into the jam-packed fall release schedule, and we don’t even touch November. There’s a brief touch back on Monday’s show as we go back into talking about food – of the fried kind, the new PS3 bundle announced along with it’s odd little friend, the chatpad-thingy, and Microsoft’s desire to “rock the vote”.

It’s a short show, only about 65 minutes, and we hope you enjoy it.

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