A Candle in the Window

We indicated earlier that we were by no means alone when leaving our former home in search of new and better opportunities, and we promised to clarify our status just as soon as everything was in order.  Now the short wait is over, and today we’re happy to announce that Colony of Gamers will be the new home for In-Game Chat, and we its official gaming podcast.  

Colony of Gamers (CoG) is a new site that emphasizes an involved and evolving community atmosphere in the belief that it will help create meaningful content and guidance for the site as a whole.  Its staff members include former editors, contributors and prominent community members of Evil Avatar, and it’s the gift of their time and attention that has made this development possible.

Colony of Gamers is also a nascent portal for many sister sites with whom it shares a pedigree.  Co-Optimus, Play It Review It, Immortal Machines, Johnny Gigawatt and the Tiger Men From Mars, and our own In-Game Chat make up the current extended family.  We are all proud to be associates of what is sure to be a success, for each of us individually, and for the communities we serve.

While we will continue to deliver our own perspective on the medium and the industry, we nonetheless invite all of our listeners, old and new, to visit and be welcomed into Colony of Gamers, and we thank you once again for making us a success by lending us your ear.

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