The Rhinovirus Episode

It’s Friday, October 3rd and your new episode is here.

Scott has a cold and he’s talking more than he really should.  Normally we wouldn’t much care, but he’s promised his honeyed voice in addition to his skills as some kind of mail-order preacher to our co-host Jeremy for his nuptials this weekend, and we’d rather he not sound like evil Ash while officiating the ceremony.

Based solely on its press release, Nintendo’s DSi hasn’t won any friends among the cast.  We’re no doubt in similar company with people who like longer battery life, legacy cartridge ports, and who don’t relish spending money on a third iteration of DS hardware.  Big money says we’ll buy it anyway.

We make sad faces about the cuts to Fable 2’s CE bonus content, War World’s 45-second demo content, and the complete annihilation of C&C Tiberium’s game content.  But we rally the positive vibe thanks to CoD 5’s co-op videos, which lead directly to some helpful suggestions for the gentlepersons at Gamefly.

And in the inaugural effort of what we’ve planned as a regular Friday segment, we dive into the mailbag to offer our thanks for listener support and to give long answers to short questions.  This is seriously something we never get tired of, so keep the email flowing.

Thanks for listening and enjoy the show.

intro – still alive by jonathan coulton

outro – castle crashers end theme (tricky’s song) by dan paladin

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