The First Episode

The First Episode is live and available for download.

It’s hardly the sort of “first” you might expect from the title, as this is neither the first podcast we’ve produced or even our first show as In-Game Chat.  Regardless, our continuity experts have assured us that the easiest way to avoid confusion is to pretend the past doesn’t exist.  We’ve read the historical texts and we’re not sure we like this answer, but it’s a hard thing to deny when you’re looking to reinvent yourself.

Inside you’ll find discussion on the dissolution of our old affiliations and hints about the new ones, as well as plenty of reassurances that nothing will change followed by immediate discussion of the many exciting changes we have in store for the future.  We’d have liked to have been more overt, and you can’t imagine the painful self-restraint we brought to bear on ourselves this evening.  We can only say that we’re completely stupefied by the strength of our listener base, and we invite you to stick around.  It gets even better from here.

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This episode proves one thing. Our community is greater than the single location of our congregation.

I’m sure the show can only get better from here on out. I can’t wait to hear what goodies you guys have planned.

I’m pretty confused, but at least you guys finally got me to listen to an episode of EAR. The last episode, sadly, but my first. I loved the Phillip Glass music in the intro from “The Thin Blue Line.” One of my all time favorite films and one of Errol Morris’ best.

Wow did not expect this whole thing to happen so soon. I knew bap was going to leave because of how he was talking back in August but wow…surprising…

I guess this is what happens when you listen to a podcast forever without participating in the community; you wake up one day confused about one of your favorite podcasts. (and a lot of good ones have been dying recently)

I fully support you guys doing your own thing and I’ll make a better effort to let you know that and show you my appreciation.

Best of luck and enjoy your longtime permanent spot in my Google Reader.

P.S. This podcast has stolen chunks of my money and handed it to Stardock ever since that interview with the Sins dev and I thank you every day for it.

O_o hot damn .. I’m waiting for the play back .. I’m still confused as to what is going on myself.. ………

I started listening because of the Tarn Adams/Dwarf Fortress interview and just yesterday decide to visit and join the Evil Avatar site. Guess I should have waited another day. 🙂

Love the show and it as a permanent spot in my “podcasts to listen to on my commute” rotation.

That Dwarf Fortress interview was awesome…and I say that as a devout dwarf.

Can’t wait until the new podcast gets up on iTunes 🙂 (hint hint)

The feed that iTunes uses to download won’t switch over until wednesday, so the old podcast subscription to Evil Avatar Radio should still function. Even our transition on Wednesday should be seamless, requiring nothing on the user end.

Great first show – I am digging the In-Game Chat. Perhaps for a logo – something like what is at the top right of this post, but with some half circles radiating out from the ear? Basically a stylized silhouette that indicates headset audio?

Well, this blind-sided me a bit, the podcast was the main aspect of EvAv that I paid attention to, and I doubt my enjoyment of the show will change. (I’ve been listening since the portal episode, so I’ve liked it before it was Hayter cool, but only after it was Coulton cool. :P)

Having never listened to EAR before, it looks like a new “first episode” was all it took to get me hooked. Good luck guys, can’t wait for the next episode.

This was a great episode. It revelations were a long time coming and I can’t wait for what the future will hold now. In-Game Chat has been added to the favorites now. 🙂

wow, been listening for a while, first time posting. A little sad at first, as a lot of podcasts are changing or going away, good to see the show living on…bookmark edited is all!

The Podcasting world has been upside down lately, some sad, some happy…

GFW Radio – gone
Game Theory Podcast – gone
Evil Avatar – gone

In Game Chat – just started (name change only!)
Rock Paper Shotgun(RPS) – just started

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