EAR 9/11/08: “Sporehammer”

I’m not sure if these are considered a pre-show, or a post-show. Regardless, it’s a show, and one we hope you’ll enjoy. It’s a bit more free flowing than our regular Monday show, but that’s the reason we do it, honestly.  In this episode we talk a little bit on Warhammer and Spore, my frustrating time spent with Facebreaker, Jeremy’s time with the Force Unleashed demo, a bit on GameStop and digital distribution, and we also talk about GOG. It’s a discussion that leads us into talk of Mega Man 9 and how we’d all like to see a demographic breakdown of people who’ll buy that game.

Also in this episode we give you a head’s up on a contest for a beta key to an upcoming PC title. You’ll have two chances to win and it’s something we won’t officially announce until Monday’s show, but you can get a head start early by catching this episode of Evil Avatar Radio.

Thanks for listening.

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