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EAR 9.15.08: “Like Highlights For Children…But Violent”

A lot of the times with our guests, we like to be timely. And the timing with having Josh Drescher from Mythic on the show to talk to us about Warhammer Online couldn’t have been better. We have to thank him again for taking time out of working on the game (and playing it) and speaking with us. He was great to talk to and actually quite funny. Of course, as usual, it’s where the show gets the title from.

Also in this episode, although later than we wanted, we again mention our Demigod beta key contest. We’ll be giving away a key during the live show next week, but we also have two more keys to give out. To win those, you’ll need to email us ( with the best god-power you can think of (in terms of a balanced strategy game).

The rest of the show is spent on talking about Too Human, taking stock in Take-Two (or losing it), Peter Molyneux’s sanity or genius, losing your job in an attempt to be an “internet hero”, all of us being on a beta “black list” it seems, and I explain the reasons (yes, there’s more than one) I added the new Deer Hunter game to my Gamefly queue.

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