EAR 9.25.08: “Red Eye Mountain”

Some of you may be familiar with the title of this episode. Those who aren’t will find out when they listen. Those who are…well, just keep in mind it isn’t all MMO/Warhammer talk that we do here. In fact, we discuss very little of that title. Why? Well, turns out a lot of things happened since Monday night. Actually, a lot of things happened the day we recorded this and you can bet we talk about them.

First up is the Spore DRM issue. We don’t really discuss it as much as we just recap the situation. After that….well, you didn’t really think we wouldn’t mention Jack Thompson’s disbarment, did you? And let’s not forget what Bungie did today.

We also touch on the Max Payne film’s rating, special editions and how publishers are doing it wrong, and Duke Nukem 3D on XBLA. Plus, we begin our Mailbag segment of the show, answering the emails sent to us each week (we don’t get much, actually, so send them in!), and we tell you who will be on Monday’s show (hint: he really likes Co-Op gaming).

Thanks for listening.

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