EAR 9.22.08: “It Was Kicked In The Junk Hard”

As slow as news can be sometimes in the gaming world, it never leaves us without anything to talk about. There’s proof of that in this episode of Evil Avatar Radio. James wrapped up his time with The Force Unleashed and lets us know that sometimes a story can hold a game together better than the actual gameplay itself. That and the fact that the tutorial level of the game is simply the most fun. Not only that, he has ideas on how to improve a title like this with just the addition of Ewoks. I know…Ewoks, right?

Also in this episode we talk about Mega Man 9, Duke Nukem 3D, and we go over the releases due out in October. We hear from TrackZero about his time spent with FarCry 2, and Ravenlock calls in to tell us just how hard Mega Man 9 is and what he’s looking forward to on the Wii/DS side of things to come.

That’s all followed by uncensored discussion of our Demigod Beta contest, duel wielding GameFly accounts, November’s release schedule, Warhammer talk, more (well deserved) praise for Uncharted, and what we’ll all be playing this week.

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