EAR Episode 121: The PAX-Cast 2008

I’m on a plane right now over (let me check)….Kansas, at the moment listening to the current episode of Evil Avatar Radio. While it sounds like the recording of a panel, it’s actually a group of near 30 people crammed into a hotel room all talking. And, while this might sound scary to listen to, it’s actually the most organized conversation I have ever heard with this many people. Before we switched on the mics, there was sound everywhere from these people, but all it took were the mics to be turned on and the show to begin and we had 30 professional podcasters all doing their thing.

I hope I’m not missing anyone in the roll call here, but the cast is: Gambit, Ghostbear, Sandman, xoanon, UnknownName(?), mister_slim, Rogue_hunter, OrigamiPanther, Alias Unknown, Jackel, TrackZero, mightbe, Sl1pstream, BAPenguin, Bone, Psykoboy2, Straximus, UWCrash, BackseatKiller, AniAko, pheriannath, Kielaran, prenetic, Gaz, Skwish, Rinichanraar, Deadend, Thrak, and Dave.

There is plenty we talk about in the show. Tons of things really, but that’s to be expected when you have 30 opinions in the room. Everything from our “Best Of PAX”, to panels, to meeting each other, to experiences outside of PAX, it’s all covered in this show along with a lot more conversation, too much, actually, to cover in the write-up.  It might be hard to put some voices to the names, but it’s still an amazing thing to hear.

We end the show by going around the room with “final thoughts & thanks” from everyone and while it may be repeating what I said in the show, I’d like to say it again……This is the best group of people to have on a show, period. We have always said from the beginning of taking over the mantel of Evil Avatar Radio that it’s the community’s podcast. We do what we do, not for the developers or special guests, but for the listeners of Evil Avatar Radio. It’s your show, and the highest honor, for me, was being a part of it with all of you in this episode.

Thank you all for, not only just listening, but being on the show. Let’s do it again next year.

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