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EAR Episode 120: A Conversation With Denis Dyack & Robert Khoo

None of us on the show really know how any episode will ever turn out beforehand. Sometimes we go into the studio ready for a great show and come away realizing we never touched on near half of what we wanted to. Sometimes we aren’t happy with our interviews (no fault at all of our guests) because we’ll either forget to ask certain questions or, of course, I’ll screw it up and hang up on our guests.

Tonight, however, wasn’t one of those episode. Talking with Denis Dyack for me, personally, was a thrill. He’s been involved in some of my favorite (seriously, I’m a fan) games and, honestly, the man really likes to talk about his games and the industry in general. We cover a lot of ground with him regarding Too Human, DLC, 4-Player Co-Op, and sequels. Plus, Denis tells us what he thinks of Evil Avatar.

After that, it’s the further continuation of our celebration of PAX as we talk to Robert Khoo, where we find out that, not only does he enjoy Evil Avatar Radio, he actually listens to each episode. Thank you, Robert. Also during our chat with Mr. Khoo, we ask him more about the PAX split in 2010 (he drops a hint or two during the show), and how he got involved with Penny Arcade along with how PAX actually came to be.

It’s a fun and very informative episode of Evil Avatar Radio. Hope you like it. And we’ll see you at PAX.

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