The Fallout Eve Episode

The episode for Monday, October 27th can be found here.

There’s no question what the cast is looking most forward to during this episode – what we’ve been looking most forward to for several weeks running.  Fallout 3 is mere hours away for those of us with a midnight launch retailer nearby, and no more than a restless night’s sleep for the remainder.  We’ve only just sunk our teeth into Far Cry and Fable sequels, and there’s still a zombie invasion to mop up in Azeroth.  But no matter – all games not taking place in and around the post-apocalyptic remains of Washington D.C. are headed directly for the back burner.  God willin’ and the creek don’t rise we’ll have plenty to say on Wednesday, and that all good.

Sadly, this episode marks the last regular appearance of co-host Dennis.  Real life and a real need to play the games we go on about so often have taken a toll, and he’s recognized that those things have to come first.  What point in talking about what you don’t have time to play?  We grudgingly agree, but fully expect him to treat us with occasional guest appearances.  Your chair is always open, man.

We’d also like to add a special note regarding future Monday episodes.  Our live show fills a very narrow gap in time for the radio station from which we work, and we produce it by the grace (or in some cases, ignorance) of the management.  Actual paying customers have shown up on the scene now and stolen our airtime, so we’ll be unable to broadcast in our usual slot.  We’ll still deliver a show on Mondays, but starting soon it will more closely follow the format of our Wednesday and Friday episodes.  We have plans still for listener involvement during that hour, so keep an ear out for whatever changes that may bring.

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