The Orb Told Me Episode

Another episode for another random day of the week.  Download it here.  

As of this writing, Fable 2 is busy spreading mirth and fulfillment to all who fall under its spell, be it through the joy of quests completed or a public display of scatological humor.   The specter of mediocrity that dogged the first game has been exorcised completely with this entry, as our friends lists can attest, but it seems that’s only made room for a much greater evil to take its place.  

You’ve no doubt heard reports of troublesome code and wonky behavior – bugs which can, in some cases, be utterly game-breaking.  But having suffered some of these issues ourselves, we at the show can’t help but classify this release as a gross failure, one made all the worse by how much concentrated fun the game had delivered in the short time before we chose to flap our gums to the abbot in Oakfield.  We know to expect a fix at some point in the near future, but those affected have already moved on.  With so many games just within reach, there’s little chance of going back any time soon.  Sad pandas all around.

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I will say you guys *really* made me want an X360 so that I can run around with orbs telling me what to do, too.

I will console myself with the inevitability that Fable 2 will eventually hit the PC, but I fear that by the time it does, I’ll be the only orb in town.

Then again, maybe by then they’ll fix the bugs, and you guys will pick it up again to play it with me. 😉

For some reason, this episode isn’t showing in the iTunes feed; it goes from “Minimum Payne” to “Fallout Eve.” Are there any ongoing technical issues that are preventing this? (That is, should I just right-click, Save As?)

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