The Jumping In Episode

The Wednesday, October 29th episode is now available here.

Fallout 3 is nearly all we have to offer this episode, and if you’ve played the game at all you’ll know precisely why.  Of the three hosts present in this episode, none of us has gotten past the first real turning point after having left our vault sweet vault, yet the air is already thick with stories and comparisons of one experience to another.  Discussing how we chose to spend our formative years in vault 101, as well as the manner of our leaving, has given unto us a podcast bounty.  Assuming you’re not squeamish hearing about character creation, we invite you to share the bounty within.

In all fairness to the rest of the world, stuff happens regardless of any triple-A title that may have dropped into our world.  Penny Arcade Episode 2 is ready for us now, and Tomb Raider, Banjo-Kazooie and Mirror’s Edge demos demand to be heard, seen and played.  We just don’t know where the time is going to come from, but we promise strong opinions of all the above based on at least a little bit of playtime for our next meeting.

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Hey Guys! Long time listener, first time poster..blah blah. Anywho Just tried the Mirror’s edge demo and I was very impressed with how they handled the controls and interface. Thought that was pretty cool. Also as good as fallout 2 was and is do you think sometimes we make older games better that they actually are? I mean I remeber fallout 2 to have been kinda buggy when it first came out too. Anyways love the podcast adn the interseting discussion! Take it easy fellas!

As I’ve been listening to the show for quite sometime now, I continually feel ashamed that I often get everyone, but Scott and Dana mixed up. So in light of that, listening to this episode struck me as being very perculiar, because I believe it was Denis that has the trouble of having to try out every possible choice you can make in every game. Then it hit me, he has a ridiculous case of OCD for sure, because my head started to hurt thinking about doing the same thing. For a second I could see myself in a scene strait out of the movie “Idiocracy”. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I’m talking about. 🙂

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