The Penultimate Episode

Your Monday, November 3rd episode is now available for download.

Thankfully, today’s title doesn’t refer to the show as a whole, but rather to it’s live broadcast component.  IGC has only one more show to produce in this manner, but we can assure you it will be among the most rewarding.  While we’d love to discuss specifics, we think it best to let the content speak for itself come Monday the 10th, so mark calendars and clear schedules as necessary, and join us for the end of our long-held tradition.

As for the content of this particular episode, we devote a predictable share to further notes on Fallout, which include, but aren’t limited to, performance comparisons, character flaws manifested in our play styles, and the strangely consistent weight of minor objects in the mid-future. We also retrace our steps through the Mirror’s Edge demo, all the hosts now being on the same page, though not necessarily of the same mind.  Finally, we cast an appropriately grim look at our wallets after eyeing the weekly release, and recognize that we’re helpless to resist 8-way coop or a gang of thick-necked thugs.  Hard times indeed.

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