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The 1UP Episode

The first episode of 2009 is now available.

There wasn’t supposed to be an episode for you this week. Scheduling conflicts and sickness among the group just caused too many problems.  Then Tuesday evening happened.  And we really wish it hadn’t.

The news of UGO buying 1UP had been rumored for some time and along with that the end of EGM. There were, however, no proceeding rumors of the massive cuts that ended up being made that night. One of those cuts happens to be a very good friend of ours. Philip Kollar, the former news editor for 1UP, joins us tonight and gives us some insight into just what exactly happened, how it happened, why, and what’s next.

It’s safe to say that after our talk with Philip we’ve got no worries about his future and we’re equally confident  with everyone else involved as well. It’s never good when things like this happen, but when they happen to a group of people like this, there can be nothing but good things for them in the near future.

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Long time listener first time replier. Tuesday was a sad day in gaming history. Nice touch having Philip on the show. He and the others will be missed at 1UP. Hope you have a weekend edition.

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