The Ad Nauseam Episode

A very long episode can be found here.

Maybe it’s more than a little unfair to load the front-end of a new episode with tired talk about something so old, but I’ve been waiting these longs months to know where, precisely, Jeremy would come down on our newest Metal Gear.  I got what I came for, but I can’t promise the conversation will do anything for you, dear listener, though you’re welcome to subject the not-quite-goty to whatever mix of hot and cold emotions suits you while we keep you pinned to the memory.

Apart from their obvious role in consumer confidence, the endless nauseam of sequels seems to us to be a much greater drag than it should be.  Perhaps, we say, it would be better to label all but the strictest examples of continuity with a subtle title change in lieu of simple numbers – the numbers being a source of great anguish for some and, possibly, a great distraction for the stewards of games fortunate enough to spawn.  As always, these (and many other) comments were developed in real-time, right before your ears, and don’t represent any sort of forethought whatsoever.

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