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The Maw Episode

Your weekend dose of gaming conversation begins now.

It isn’t often that we interview many game developers without having played their game, much less without their game even being released yet.  But that’s just what we do with a couple of guys from Twisted Pixel, developers of next week’s Xbox Live Arcade release, The Maw.

Due to their schedules (flying out to LA for a G4 taping) and our schedules (Jeremy having a previous engagement and James having to work), I was the only one available to talk to Mike Wilford, producer of The Maw, and Josh Bear, creative director of The Maw. And while we talk about the game itself, we also bring up the subjects of how The Maw came to be, the importance of the PAX 10, working with Microsoft, and what’s next for the Twisted Pixel team.

It’s not a particularly long episode, not that it needs to be, but we hope it tides you over for the weekend and as always…thanks for listening.

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