The Dedicated Server Episode

The Sunday funny-papers edition of In-Game Chat is now on your doorstep.

The newest American President continues, in various ways, to deliver a brand of confidence at home and abroad that many feel has been sadly under-funded by our leadership in recent years.  But as the show, we’re most inspired by his own confidence in the domain of science.  Regardless what anyone may feel about government in general or policies in particular, it emboldens us to know the most powerful man in the world loves his technology as fiercely as we love our own.

The feature presentation of this episode recalls in part the moldy topic of console vs pc multiplayer, but we remember it this time without all the fireworks and folderol.  We find that what we miss most in the otherwise very respectable world of online console gaming is the dedicated server – but as a function of community, instead of performance.  Peer to peer systems work well enough for the business of matching player to group, but the “Cheers” dynamic is largely unknown.  

Visiting a named server is alike to visiting a known locale, with all of the rules and idiosyncrasies and (most importantly) personalities found to apply in that sovereign space.  We’re not offering suggestions on how to migrate a generation of hardware away from peer-hosting, of course.  We’d just like to give a nod to the differences, and to point out how nice it is when everybody knows your name.

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