The Non Sequitur Episode

IGC’s late-middle-week episode is now online.

We’ve got a thing, you know, for relying on tangent conversations completely unrelated to the topic at hand to get us through an episode.  We grind our gears terribly sometimes, and tonight’s episode is different only in how much more frequently it seems to happen.  We hope all can be forgiven, since it allowed us to deliver our (now weekly) comment on the Wrath of Khan.

With fewer new releases occupying our time, we look to actual news for what to cover, and we’ve found a momentary source of rich stuff in the news feeds.  Kaz Hirai gets some attention, of course, but we’re just as happy to know that 5-dollar plastic nubs, the Presidential Inauguration, and Capt. Sully’s miracle Hudson landing all have reason to be together in a show about games.

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