The Wasted Herbs Episode

Wednesday’s episode is completely in your way at this link and won’t move, even if you tell it to.

Any release window with a title-density equal to that of the next six weeks is going to contain some real trash, either as a portion of one game’s content, or as a whole game unto itself.  We haven’t had to pick through anything terribly noxious just yet, but our ridiculous enthusiasm has been humbled all the same.

The first of the speed-bumps is the confirmation of quick and shallow gameplay in the Fallout 3 Anchorage campaign – quicker and shallower than was expected, and we were prepared ahead of time to be underwhelmed by its scope.  This will be a minor gripe in hindsight, but no sort of gripe is welcome at the moment.

The second, which I consider more of a speed-Himalaya to my personal enthusiasm, is the content and quality of the Resident Evil 5 demo. I should have maintained my belief that all games in the RE series are worthy of suspicion until they prove themselves worthy of devotion, as it was clearly a mistake for me to get so far out in front of the facts.

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