The Half Naked Episode

An unpardonably late episode of In-Game Chat is now available.

It’s my sacred duty following each episode to string together some of my own thoughts and pin them to the show file that Scott and Jeremy (and formerly Daniel) have made available before dumping the whole mess onto the webs.  This episode should have been ready for consumption many days ago, but catastrophic modem failure sent me to a dark hell of no internet for the entire weekend.  Other things also happened and so here we are.

In any case, what I’d have normally written in this space is irrelevant now, so I’d simply like to apologize for the delay, and for the bumper to bumper show delivery you’ll get this week thanks to the snafu.  We hope you enjoy what we brung you – a second shot at Mike Wilford, zombies of all sorts and a lot more attention for things that mattered last week.

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