The Audacity of Hope Episode

We’re taking a crack at feeling better about things at this link.

The hot demo drops from last Thursday did all that they were expected to do for the show.  They alleviated whatever fears may have kept us from at least a couple of the games we’d sworn ahead of time to purchase and to love and to cherish for ever.  Killzone’s still a day-one pickup, Halo Wars still looks like the first Halo game with a well-drawn story and, incidentally, we find that it really is possible to love Burnout more with every minor tweak as easily as it is with every major content infusion.

It’s also quite clear that some prayers we hadn’t even bothered to utter have been answered with a clarion call from EA.  The Battlefield franchise in 2009 is active in more ways than we (err, I) could have hoped to see.  With Heroes in late spring, 1943 in the summer and the Bad Company sequel near the end of the year, there should be scads and oodles of BF’s brand of combat to be found across all platforms.  The one dark cloud in the sky – for PC diehards, at least – is the lack of any word about a proper Battlefield 3.  All we can think is that strong support for the lineup of today may well deliver the wish list of tomorrow.  One can always hope, right?

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