The Phallic Force Episode

This weekend’s suggestive themes are now available for download.

Our show has a strong sense of its own past, and the strongest memories are of things we’ve done together. We share an obvious affection for games in general, but despite a deep love of multiplayer, we neglect almost every opportunity to share in the gameplay itself. We have the appropriate internet connections, potent hardware, and real human proximity, but still leave each to his own in most cases and struggle to come up with a reason why.

History tells us that City of Heroes was our last best moment together – something shared between hosts, producers, significant others, friends, co-workers and guys we met on the internet. That time didn’t end well for anyone, really, and it didn’t end all at once. We shuffled off in different directions like weary protesters, a few of us having broken our backs on the cause.

With any luck, the near-future may see that trend returning. Jumpgate Evolution has a small chance of satisfying the “Freelancer should have been an MMO” contingent among us, and Champions Online stands to amend the appalling wrong visited on the heads of our happy band, despite the platform diaspora we suffered in the wake of its collapse. If approachable gameplay meets cross-platform functionality in an MMO with shit-hot character creation, then it’s safe to say the deal is done.

As a post-script, we’d like to point out that the long overdue spoilery discussion of Prince of Persia is available after the break at the end of the episode. We’re hopeful that you can attend.

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