The Capacity For Disappointment Episode

We’ll try not to let you down at this link.

We’re a bit down on our uppers for this show, much like the poor child featured in the introduction.  Sadly, for us, we’re not head-lolling after a righteous dose of pharmacology, but are sick after the loss of yet another 360, and at the prospect of being dramatically mislead by our own hopes for quarter one games.  It would be horrible to see this anomalous batch of major brands suffer from shoddy craftsmanship – despite the volume of letdowns we’re sure we could endure.

But don’t mind the tone.  It’s the by-product of too much natural enthusiasm.  We’ve got more to look forward to than we have to keep us occupied during this one particular evening.  It’s best to read between the lines for what we intend to have fun doing in mere days.  Besides, the future of this episode is happening as I write this, and I can already tell that at least some of what we’re hoping for will come to pass.

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For FPS games on the DS you can always try the finger/thumb nub which came packaged with the fat. Being a lefty, you can use it on your right thumb, game willing, and it feels better than C-Padding it. 😉

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