The Everything’s a Gun Episode

Our newest episode is locked and loaded behind this link.

You’ll forgive us for spending a little time here examining games and gameplay that most of you will have long since have gotten over.  I have no personal history with the God of War series; the PS2 having already become a part of my past by the time of the first game’s release.  In fact, Scott is the only host to have played either of the games, and as a consequence they’ve never been a part of our usual dialogue.

I’d like to say that I was compelled to start playing the games because of their reputation or on a recommendation, but it has everything to do with the recently extended teaser trailer, and the guilt I will certainly feel at having been out of touch with a clearly energetic franchise when the third game makes the scene.  There’s no chance I won’t be clawing my way across that titan’s landscape, and I’d sure as hell like to know what’s going on when I do.

We’re also delivering a very special portion of an otherwise unremarkable episode today.  Jeremy has apparently decided to spawn once again, and since we’re pretty fond of him we can only be happy that he’s decided to extend his own franchise even further.  Congratulations are also in order for the little lady, since we’re pretty sure she’s going to play a significant part in this process.  Bummer about PAX, though, Becky.  Maybe next year.

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