The Three Mile Turd Episode

More pointless sophomoric humor available at this link.

This evening’s show title is a direct result of a conversation about GTA 4’s new expansion-grade material, but it isn’t intended as any kind of slander.  It’s a tasteless poop-joke that we honestly struggled against using (coming, as it did, so soon after a wiener-joke), but it’s hard to talk yourself out of something that makes you laugh.   None of us has committed the money to investigate the Lost and Damned properly, but the surprising reviews are working in its favor, and it seems willing to deliver on length what it isn’t willing to compromise on cost.

There’s also mailbag to be delivered, which means a quick mea culpa for breezing past the accomplishments of Final Fantasy XI, and an enlightened description of the ridiculous Rube Goldberg process our show has to travel through to get from our board to your earbuds.  It’s going to happen this way nearly every time.  We’ve only just gotten used to the fact, so we can understand if you folks are still scratching your heads from time to time.

An extra preview-spoiler for next time: Scott and I totally didn’t play each other in Street Fighter.

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