The Story Bullet Episode

Our plot devices are locked and loaded behind the following link.

Uncharted the Second is said to be the best time you can have with your Playstation 3 this season, and it’s in running for best of the year.  I won’t dispute that in this space, and at the time of this recording, we were in no position to dispute it on the show, since each of the hosts is at a different point along the path to completion.  At the time of this writing, however, we’re prepared to modify a great many of those opinions.  Which way they go we’ll keep saved for another day.

A lot of listener mail and a little slow-motion back-and-forth with the forum-goers makes us weigh in on the heavy side this week.  Of course there’s more to be said now than we have time to say, and plenty more to be played than we have words to describe, so it’s going to take a firm hand to keep our rambling in check.  Any clue where we might come by one of those?

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