Season 8, Episode 7

We’re piloting our mechs all over the place at the following link.

Right, so mechs and titans. You could easily say most of the show was focused on big giant metal destruction, and it was, except for the 30 minutes or so we spent talking to Ben Ruiz from Team Colorblind. Their game, Aztez, involves no mechs or metal at all. But it does involve quite a lot of blood. If you’re curious to what the game is, find some videos, but then come back and listen to our interview to understand exactly what you’re watching and how it came to be.

As I said, the rest of the show is focused on mechs, from the Titanfall beta to our second guest of the night, Jason Hughes, from Adhesive Games talking to us about their game, Hawken – now available on Steam.

We really enjoy talking to developers, especially from places like Team Colorblind and Adhesive. You can hear in these interviews the passion they have for what they’ve created and what it means to them for you to play their games. We’ve heard it before from other small (and large) developers. It’s a privilege to speak with them and our hope is to only have more conversations with people like them. Having said that, if you know of a developer or someone working on a game you’d like for us to have on the show, let us know.

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