Season 9, Episode 10

We built this city at the following link.

Prepare yourself – the Cities: Skylines talk is coming. Sure, while the backlog is overflowing with options, the new stuff just isn’t sinking its hooks into me. Save for Cities: Skylines. And it is quite the focus with this episode, and I’ll probably talk more about it in the next episode as well. It’s a great city builder and fills that hole that SimCity 5 left in me by not living up to its namesake.

While Skylines does take up a good chunk of the episode, we still have time to bring up the closing of the studio that made SimCity 5 as well as the horrible trailer released for another game dear to me, Rollercoaster Tycoon World. Not only that but we take a call to wrap up the episode and discuss a bit about Valve’s entry into the VR ring – and we’re pretty happy about that.

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