Season 9, Episode 11

We’re getting calls on the hotline at the following link.

The city simulation talk continues further in this episode as I get to spend even more time with the game and my city (In-Game Chattington). But we do get to talk further about other games. Nate’s back with us and has had plenty to play in the two weeks he’s been away. One of those games happens to be one he’s been looking forward to for a while. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number released this past week and Nate spent a good amount of time figuring out what he likes and what he doesn’t about the game.

This is also the episode where we wish the best of luck to our very own ArJay as he heads to Atlanta for the Final Round fighting tournament. He has a few tournaments he’ll be competing in and we hope to hear from him during this Saturday’s show on how things all went.

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