Season 9, Episode 13

We almost got the band back together at the following link.

This episode really only consists of two topics. The first part of the show we talk about Bloodborne. The second part of the show talks about Pillars Of Eternity. And I’d kind of like to focus on that for the rest of this post. This game SHOULD NOT be one that I’m enjoying. It isn’t my type of game, or at least a type I would normally give attention to. The thing is, I was never exposed to the type of game Pillars calls back to from ever how long ago. I never had the experience of something like it. I never had a yearning for it to be brought back. The developer, Obsidian, didn’t hold weight with me like it did most people. But now….oh god now…this game is fantastic and I find myself falling into it’s lore and its world and its characters and its story.

This easily defines the phrase, “You don’t know what you’ve been missing.” And, at the same time, I guess, “Better late than never.”

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