Season 9, Episode 14

We finally got everyone in the room at the following link.

I think part of this episode is a great example of part of what this show does. That part being where we pretty much sell you on a game (or keep you from making a mistake). We give our experiences and make you want to share in those. The discussion James had about Elite Dangerous pretty much convinced Matt to buy it right on the spot. It almost caused a few others to pull the trigger as well. It’s a good conversation and one to listen to if you are also on the fence about picking it up.

I’m also surprised at my lack of remembering that The Order just came out not very long ago as we discuss the plight of NOTHING to play on our consoles. Exclusively, anyway. As an owner of a PS4, Xbox One, and a PC, I can’t really think of anything coming out in the next 6 months or more that I’ll be playing on those first two systems. I can imagine the comments and emails we’ll get for leaving out the Wii U. I can also go ahead and tell you I agree with all of them.

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