Season 9, Episode 36

What’s old is new again at the following link.

For the first time in more months that I can remember, we got everyone back in the studio for this episode – minus Dennis, sadly. None of us have put in as much time as we thought we would have for Phantom Pain. In fact, some of us aren’t even playing it. James has shifted his buying schedule of games around almost at the last minute. Nate’s on a no new games policy, and I’ve found Mad Max to be more entertaining. Matt has put some time into it but not really enough to give too much of an opinion on, and RJ is busy with Bloodborne.

While the upcoming fall and holiday seasons usually mean a busy time with games, that doesn’t seem to be the case from our vantage point this early on. We’re ready to dive back into Destiny with their new update, and there may be a new game or two with throw a rental at, but that’s about it. Well, that and some of us jumping back into some old MMO’s.

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