Season 9, Episode 37

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We’re about a week behind on giving our thoughts on a few games that released at the beginning of the month and we’re not really done with either of them, but we have our thoughts nonetheless. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is out there and we’ve got…something to say about it. My best take away from what Matt and Josh, who called in, say about it is that MGSV takes the gameplay of the franchise in a different direction than it’s gone before and it’s paying off. They can say it better than I can and if you’ve been playing it, then you probably understand as well.

As for me, the wasteland of MAD MAX has been my home and it has surprised me just how much at home I feel. The game doesn’t bring you anything new or do anything differently, but whatever…it’s much too fun for me to play to care. Kinda like how Destiny has its problems, but that doesn’t stop me from just playing for 2 hours and shooting things. It’s good at what it does, and that’s all a game ever needs to be sometimes.

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