Season 9, Episode 41

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I’m not a PVP kind of guy. I’ve only really enjoyed it once. That was way back during the beta for the very first Modern Warfare. That’s the only time I can remember enjoying PVP. Actually, Day Of Defeat was also good. Anyway, it’s not really my genre of gameplay, but I’ll still put in the time and effort occasionally (I’m doing it now with Destiny).

So that already skews my opinion of Battlefront. And not being a big PVP kind of player, that’s the only fault I can find in it. More experienced PVP folks can probably find more, but that’s where the negatives end for me. The positives, on the other hands, almost outweigh it to the point I’d actually want to play the game. This thing is beautiful. The moment you get put into a game you’re overwhelmed by the beauty of the damn ground. It’s gorgeous. Not to mention all the…Star Wars, you’re surrounded by. I can imagine to super fans such as Matt, this probably took their breath away and left them speechless – hopefully we’ll find out when he returns to the show next week. Point is, Star Wars Battlefront looks and sounds better than it ever had any right to be. I don’t know that anyone was expecting that kind of detail and authenticity out of a licensed product, but DICE have nailed those aspects. It’s just too bad, for me, that I suck at PVP.

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