Season 9, Episode 42

We’re playing radio show simulator at the following link.

I’m thankful for pinball. Had it not been the preview code I received for the new Balls Of Glory table pack for Pinball FX2, I’d probably still be talking about Destiny. And I probably will be talking about Destiny again soon, but I’d not had a break from that game since The Taken King released earlier in September. It took pinball to break me away from it. Since then, I’ve gone back into Mad Max as well and I’m actually considering getting my hands on Halo and Assassin’s Creed here in the coming weeks. I don’t miss Destiny. Like any good addict, except in reverse, I’ll say I can go back to it at any time I want. But for now, it feels good to take the break, see other worlds, and play other characters. Not to mention do a MULTITUDE of other things than what I was doing in Destiny.

But it’ll drag me back in soon enough. Actually, “drag” isn’t the word I’d use there. I’m pretty easily willing to return, if I’m being honest.

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