Season 9, Episode 45

If you like the audio version, the book is much better at the following link.

I remember a time when I never thought we’d ever get good movies based on comic books. Then we did. Then I remember when we thought we’d never get a good movie based on a really classic comic book story – then that started happening as well. It…kinda feels like we might be approaching that point with good movies based on video games. And maybe even television too, given some recent news.

The Warcraft film doesn’t have to get it right, it just has to get it close enough that people will go see it. If it can make the money, the studios won’t be so hesitant on going to the well again for another movie idea. But it can’t just be Warcraft that does this. There needs to be a good string of successful video game based films to really get that ball rolling. And we might just be getting there with this plus Assassin’s Creed on the way next year.

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