Season 9, Episode 44

We’re still broken after 9 years at the following link.

First things first, the audio for this episode is kinda screwed up. Not sure what’s going on but we’ll see about getting it fixed over the week in time for our next episode. It sounds fine on our end when we’re doing the show but playback and the reports from those in the chat room tell a different story. We apologize.

Batman Arkham Knight is finally released once again to the public but it’s still broke. WB is trying to make things right by offering folks who buy the game all the other Batman Arkham games they have on Steam, but that isn’t really much of an incentive. Most of us already own the ones we want – they’ve been out for years now. Nice try. Also, they are now offering refunds on the game through the end of the year. Even specifically stating there are apparently problems they can’t fix.


Whatever. This has turned into a joke, at this point, if it wasn’t one already. Buy it cheap (very, very cheap) or just go get the non-broken console version of the game. You’ll be better off. Hell, better yet, buy TWO copies of Fallout 4 and give one to a friend who bought this piece of crap back when it was first on sale (that’s actually just wishful thinking on my part – do whatever you want).

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