Season 9, Episode 51

We’re doing the usual end of the year thing at the following link.

So this year had a few standouts in gaming. I never thought Destiny would bring me back like it did and City Skylines was a gigantic surprise. But even with the good we got, the bad was heavily outweighed and, for me, by one single game.

It is likely very obvious my love for the Batman Arkham games and this year’s Arkham Knight was to be the final slice of one extremely delicious cake. But, as it turns out, the cake was a lie. One of if not THE biggest disappointment of 2015. If you played it on PC, of course. You folks on the console got out of it, but those of us on PC still to this day have issues playing that game. It was a massive failure and surpassed the failure of the year before, Assassin’s Creed Unity. It will become the benchmark by which all broken games out of the box will compare. And that really is the big disappointment here. They released 2 prior games in the series to PC without issue and then this one – the one marketed as the last and biggest and best – this is the one they drop the ball with. With one single game, they ruined MY 2015.

Here’s hoping, perhaps, that yours was better.

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