Season 10, Episode 07

We’re playing with our [insert your dog of choice here] at the following link.

Just to make this quick and get it out of the way – our spoiler discussion of Firewatch starts around the 90 minute mark of this episode and we do warn you about the spoilers before we get to them so you’ll have time to keep yourself free of them.

Having said that, we probably should have just taken the whole second hour to talk about the game. It isn’t a very long game in the story sense but you could put countless hours into it just exploring. And you can do the same when talking about the game Firewatch is and the game some people thought it might be. Or maybe wanted it to be. Or…maybe have no idea what is was the way it was. It’s a fun discussion to have and it isn’t often we get to have them. Enjoy it while it lasts, cause it might be even longer before it makes its way back round again.

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