Season 10, Episode 29

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Nintendo’s new NES-mini. Is that what they’re calling it? I don’t know. I’m not sure I want it out of just nostalgia’s sake to have a tiny NES sitting on a shelf somewhere (kinda like my big NES sits on a shelf somewhere), but I’m pretty sure there will be a lot of people who do. Nintendo needs some quick cash? Make a small little system that plays older games on it for a low price. A year from now if the NX doesn’t reach expectations…move on to the SNES and then the N64. I honestly think they may have stumbled upon a gold mine here. They could easily have 3 different SKU’s of NES-mini’s. Sports themes, racing, RPG, movies, tv shows, the list goes on and on.

I’m curious how this will play out. Nintendo has done things before that the other two players in the game have tried to follow. Could we see Xbox-mini or a PSX-mini in the future?

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