Season 10, Episode 30

We’ve gotta catch’em all at the following link.

I’m really trying to suppress my “grumpy old man yells at sky” mentality here, but it’s not working. Pokemon GO is a thing. A thing that I play very casually. It’s also a thing I’m already tired of hearing about. Since before Comic Con (and I’m sure news sites will get back on track), everything in my news feeds were almost ALL related to Pokemon GO. For a good few days there it was nothing but guides on everything the game offered. Then it was injuries, threats, embarrassments, and more ways for the general public who don’t play to point at it as a deterioration of our society and a corruption of our youths.

I don’t hate the game. At all, in fact. This is to be expected when something like this happens. And what this is is a phenomenon. In fact, I can’t look back and reference anything that could mirror what Pokemon Go has done and in the short amount of time it happened. I’m curious as to how long this will last. You know what they say about lights that burn twice as bright…

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