Season 10, Episode 33

We’re pretty sure there’s multiplayer in this episode at the following link.

No Man’s Sky is now out among the public and most people seem pretty satisfied with it. Unless you’re playing it on PC. Looks to be a bit of trouble there. I’m not playing the game but that has more to do with what the game is than all the other things surrounding it. I don’t do those kinds of survival games. What I want from No Man’s Sky is probably in the game, but there seems to be quite a bit of work and what looks to me like frustration to get there. Eventually down the line during a steam sale or even something good out of Black Friday, I may end up playing the game. But nothing I’ve read, or seen, or heard of has me changing my feeling of this game from the last post I made about it on last week’s episode.

Bring on the Deus Ex.

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